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Mark Phillips- Content Creator

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Freddie Roach

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Creme SCJ Star Hoodie
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Creme SCJ Star Hoodie

Creme SCJ Star Hoodie

Premium Cotton blend SCJ star hoodie in Creme color. Great color for spring time, stands out of the crowd Hoodie with...
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What are Customers Saying

“My trophy shoes were perfect. They are very lightweight and comfortable. I love when people ask what shoe are they I get to say Trophy$- Suckas Can't Join
“I used to be a huge sneaker head, but I stopped about 3 years ago. Once I saw these Trophy$ and learned about how they were created by people of the culture I had to purchase. This is more then a shoe, this is a lifestyle
X-Sneaker head

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you create Trophy Sneakers
We wanted to make a comfortable shoe for people who are not in sports on a daily basis. We wanted to build and design style that was very fashionable similar to luxury designers. We wanted a style of shoe that told a story and had a breathable feel We wanted to build a shoe you could wear every day. We made Trophy$ A shoe that covered all the needs of the current customer we covered with a shoe we call Trophy$! 
What is the Trophy$ Slogan

Winning is essentially, but becoming a champion is rare.Champions deserve Trophy$

What is your favorite detail about the Trophy$ Sneaker

I believe the details are in every step with the trophy sneaker. The extra supportive insole, the lightweight breathability of the shoe, the words Suckas Can't Join, Believe, and Inspire on the outsole of the shoe, the trophy symbol on the back of the shoe, the trophy details just keep coming...

Are there any more colors of Trophy$
YES! but they will be released every quarter for our members, and then to the rest of the public. So sign up on our newsletter or purchase an item to become a member. 
Are Trophy$ in stores?

Currently we are online, However we have some product in Las Vegas, NV retail stores. We are looking to expand those markets in 2024